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What Are the Rights of Foreigners in Turkey?

What Are the Rights of Foreigners in Turkey?

Today, with the increasing globalization, it has become quite common for people from different countries to come to Turkey to live or work. So, what rights do foreigners have in Turkey? The answer to this question can be found in an article that covers the basic information about the rights and legal status of foreigners in Turkey.

What You Need to Know About the Rights of Foreigners in Turkey

1. Residence Permit and Work Permit Right: Foreigners in Turkey can stay and work legally by obtaining a residence permit and work permit. A residence permit grants the right to reside in Turkey for a certain period, while a work permit provides foreigners with the opportunity to work in Turkey. These permits are considered essential rights for foreigners residing in Turkey.

2. Right to Education: Foreigners in Turkey have access to the Turkish education system. They can attend public or private schools in Turkey and benefit from educational rights. Moreover, some universities in Turkey offer special programs for international students, encouraging foreigners to pursue education in the country.

3. Health Services: Foreigners in Turkey can benefit from healthcare services. Public hospitals and private healthcare institutions in Turkey provide services to foreigners without discrimination, ensuring equal access to healthcare services.

4. Right to Fair Trial: Foreigners living in Turkey have the right to a fair trial. Turkish laws ensure that everyone is subjected to a fair judicial process, and foreigners can equally benefit from these rights.

Law Firm: Eyüpoğlu & Işıkgör Attorney and Law Office

In order to protect the rights of foreigners in Turkey and provide legal support during legal processes, they may need to turn to a law firm. Eyüpoğlu & Işıkgör Attorney and Law Office is comprised of a specialized team that helps foreigners understand and protect their legal rights in Turkey. This law firm provides consultancy and legal support on various issues such as residence permits, work permits, and citizenship applications. Additionally, it offers a professional approach to solving any legal problems that foreigners may encounter.

Respecting and protecting the rights of foreigners in Turkey enhances the country's reputation internationally and ensures that foreigners can come and live in Turkey with confidence. Eyüpoğlu & Işıkgör Attorney and Law Office, by embracing the mission of protecting these rights and supporting foreigners, provides legal assistance to foreigners living in Turkey and strives to establish justice.

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